The Top Home Remodeling Trends of the Year


This article explores the top home remodeling trends that are gaining popularity this year, shaping the future of interior design and architecture.


In the realm of home remodeling, bathrooms have seen some of the boldest transformations. No longer just a functional space, the modern bathroom has become a personalized sanctuary, reflecting the homeowner’s taste and lifestyle.

Terrazzo Tile

Terrazzo tile has made a dramatic comeback this year, gracing bathrooms with a touch of vintage charm and modern sophistication. Its unique blend of chips of marble, quartz, granite, or glass offers a rich texture and vibrant palette that elevates any bathroom design. Easy to maintain and resilient, terrazzo is an appealing choice for homeowners seeking a blend of aesthetic appeal and practicality.

Accessibility for Aging in Place

As the population ages, accessibility in bathrooms has become a major focus for home remodeling. More and more homeowners are opting for features such as walk-in showers, grab bars, and wider doorways to ensure their bathrooms can accommodate their changing needs as they age. This trend not only enhances the functionality of the space but also adds value to the home, making it attractive to future buyers.

Natural Wood

Natural wood has been a popular choice for bathroom remodels this year, bringing warmth and texture to the typically sterile space. From vanity cabinets to accent walls and even shower benches, incorporating natural wood adds an organic and inviting element to the bathroom.

Whether it’s reclaimed or new, this trend brings a touch of nature into the home and creates a soothing atmosphere in which to unwind and relax.

In-Floor Radiant Heating

In-floor radiant heating has become a highly sought-after feature in bathroom remodels this year. This type of heating system uses hot water pipes or electric coils under the floor to radiate heat evenly throughout the room, providing a cozy and luxurious feeling underfoot.

This trend not only adds warmth and comfort to the space but also eliminates the need for bulky radiators or vents, allowing for a more streamlined and modern design. With the added benefit of energy efficiency, in-floor radiant heating is a trend that is here to stay.


Just like bathrooms, kitchens have undergone significant transformations, reflecting the evolving needs and tastes of homeowners. This space, often referred to as the heart of the home now marries functionality with aesthetics, comfort, and technology. In this section, we’ll explore the top trends that are currently dominating kitchen remodeling.

Natural Light

Amplifying natural light has become a key focus in kitchen remodeling this year. Homeowners are knocking down walls, enlarging windows, and adding skylights to bring more of the outdoors into their cooking and dining spaces.

This trend not only makes the kitchen feel larger and more welcoming, but it also aids in energy conservation by reducing the reliance on artificial lighting during the day.

Furthermore, natural light has numerous health benefits, ranging from boosting mood and productivity to aiding in Vitamin D synthesis.

Double Kitchen Island

The double kitchen island trend has gained popularity this year, providing homeowners with ample counter and storage space and an impressive focal point in the room. This design allows for separate work zones, such as food preparation and dining, to coexist harmoniously in one open space.

With the added benefit of versatility, as one island can be used for seating or additional storage, this trend is a practical and stylish solution for modern kitchens.

More Character

Kitchens have become more than just a place to cook and eat. They are now seen as an extension of the homeowner’s personality and style, with more character being infused into their design.

From unique backsplashes and bold color choices to incorporating vintage or repurposed elements, kitchens are becoming more personalized and less cookie-cutter.

This trend allows homeowners to showcase their individuality and create a space that truly reflects their tastes and preferences.

Custom Zones

Custom Zones are the latest trend in kitchen remodeling, offering tailored spaces for different activities such as baking, coffee making, or even homework. This design feature enhances kitchen functionality, providing organized areas for specific tasks, reducing clutter, and improving efficiency.

By incorporating custom zones, homeowners can create a kitchen that accommodates their unique needs and lifestyle while adding an element of personalization to their space.

Tile with Flair

Tile has long been a staple in kitchen design, but this year, it’s all about adding flair and personality to the space with unique tile choices. From colorful geometric patterns to textured designs, homeowners are opting for tiles that make a statement and add visual interest to their kitchens.

This trend allows for endless creativity and customization, making each kitchen truly one-of-a-kind.

Butler’s Pantry

Butler’s pantries, once considered a luxury reserved for large estates, have become a top trend in kitchen remodels this year. These functional and stylish spaces provide additional storage, and prep space, and often include a sink or mini-fridge.

They also serve as an ideal spot to hide away small appliances or bulky items that can clutter up the main kitchen area. Best and Fast is a reputable home remodeling company that specializes in creating stunning and functional spaces for homeowners.

Living Room

The living room, a central hub of activity and relaxation in the home, is constantly evolving to meet the needs and tastes of homeowners. This year, home remodeling trends for the living room are all about creating a space that is comfortable, functional, and reflective of the homeowner’s personality.

Extraordinary Flex Rooms

Flex rooms are quickly gaining popularity in contemporary home designs. Their biggest appeal lies in their versatility – these spaces can be easily adapted to serve multiple functions, such as a home office, guest room, workout area, or even a playroom. Tailoring these rooms to your lifestyle not only optimizes space but also adds tremendous value to the home.


Archways are a timeless architectural feature that has made its way back into modern home remodels this year. These elegant curves add visual interest and depth to living rooms, creating a sense of movement and flow in the space. They also provide a striking contrast to sharp, straight lines often found in modern design. From classic arches to more intricate designs, incorporating archways adds a touch of sophistication and charm to the living room.

Statement Ceilings

Statement ceilings, also known as the “fifth wall,” have become a popular trend in living room remodels this year. From bold colors to patterns and textures, homeowners are using their ceilings to make a statement and add interest to their space. Whether it’s with wallpaper, exposed beams, or decorative paint techniques, statement ceilings draw the eye upward and create a unique and visually appealing element in the living room.


Bedrooms are personal sanctuaries where we unwind, reflect, and rejuvenate. More than a place to rest, the bedroom serves as the backdrop to our private lives, reflecting our tastes, needs, and desires. This year, in the realm of home remodeling, bedrooms are seeing a resurgence of comfort, functionality, and individual expression

Green and Sustainable

In line with global efforts to protect the environment, homeowners are seeking green and sustainable solutions for their bedrooms. This trend includes the use of eco-friendly materials like bamboo or recycled textiles, energy-efficient lighting, and low-VOC paints.

These choices not only reduce the environmental impact but also create healthier living spaces.

Accent Walls

Accent walls have become a go-to trend for adding character and personality to bedrooms. Whether it’s with paint, wallpaper, or textured materials, accent walls provide a focal point and add visual interest to the space.

Popular choices include geometric patterns, bold colors, and nature-inspired designs. This trend allows homeowners to express their individual style and create a unique atmosphere in their bedroom without overwhelming the entire room.

Private Outdoor Space

Private outdoor spaces have become a highly sought-after feature in bedroom remodels this year. Whether it’s a balcony, terrace, or rooftop, having access to an outdoor oasis adds an element of luxury and relaxation to the bedroom. This trend allows homeowners to extend their living space and enjoy nature without leaving the comfort of their room.

In conclusion

This year’s home remodeling trends reflect a shift towards personalization, functionality, and sustainability. From bathrooms and kitchens to living rooms and bedrooms, homeowners are seeking to create spaces that not only reflect their style and taste but also cater to their changing needs and lifestyles.

Whether it’s creating more flexible spaces, enhancing natural light, or incorporating sustainable practices, these trends reflect a more mindful approach to home design.

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