Privacy Policy

Netterloan does not share the personal information and visitor information of its visitors with third parties, except for court decisions, or sell it to third parties for a certain fee.

Netterloan Company uses the relevant personal data to provide this website to users and to ensure that this website functions properly and provides adequate security. Every transaction outside this scope and performed on the data is carried out on the basis of other legal obligations, permissions, situations where Netterloan Company has legitimate interests or within the framework of the express consent given by the relevant user to Netterloan Company.

Netterloan Company stores and processes the relevant data specifically for the following purposes:

Netterloan automatically collects and stores certain data when users visit the website. It includes the IP address or device ID allocated to the relevant end device, required to transmit the requested content, the activities of the users in the context of the website, the type of end device involved, the type of browser used, and the date and time of use.

Netterloan Company keeps this information for 7 days in order to detect and track misuse.

Netterloan Company uses this information to improve the delivery of services, features, functions and general administrative tasks.

Netterloan deletes or anonymizes data in use, including IP addresses, without undue delay, when such data is no longer needed for the purposes given above.

The processing and use of the relevant data means that (1) the processing is necessary for the website to be offered; or (2) has a legitimate interest in ensuring and improving the functionality and trouble-free operation of the site, as well as ensuring that it conforms to the needs of users, on the basis of the provisions of the law that allow these transactions to be made.

Cookie Policy

This website uses cookies and similar technologies. Cookies are small units of data that are required to use our website and are temporarily stored on your hard drive by your browser. A cookie usually contains a unique identifier, which is a randomly generated number and is stored on your device. Some of these identifiers expire when your website session ends, while others may remain on your device for longer periods of time. Technically necessary cookies will be used automatically. Other cookies (or similar technologies) will only be applied with your confirmation.

There are different types of cookies. First-party cookies are put by the website visited and can only be read by that website. Third-party cookies are placed by other organizations from which we receive services for various services we use.

The website will collect the device’s operating system, browser, installed fonts, IP address, plug-ins and more detailed information wehen you accept our cookie policy. In this way, the device can be re-identified for marketing purposes for the user.

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