Telestrations After Dark Cards PDF: Party Game, Expansion Pack


Telestrations After Dark Cards PDF is a valuable resource for those seeking an unconventional and entertaining twist to their social gatherings. This downloadable document offers a curated collection of risqué and humorous prompts designed to elevate the classic game of Telestrations into a more adult-friendly realm. As a convenient digital format, the PDF allows enthusiasts to easily access, print, and share these provocative drawing and guessing challenges, making it an ideal companion for game nights, parties, or any occasion where laughter and creativity take center stage.

Telestrations After Dark

Telestrations After Dark is a hilariously entertaining party game designed for adults, adding a risqué twist to the classic drawing and guessing gameplay. Developed by USAopoly, this adult version of the popular Telestrations series is specifically tailored for mature audiences.

The game follows a simple yet uproarious premise where players sketch and guess adult-themed prompts within a limited time frame. Much like the original Telestrations, the twist lies in the unpredictable transformations that occur as players pass their books around, alternating between drawing and guessing phases.

Telestrations After Dark has gained popularity for its ability to break the ice and generate laughter in social settings. The combination of suggestive prompts and the unpredictable nature of interpreting drawings adds an element of surprise and amusement that resonates with players seeking a lighthearted and adult-oriented gaming experience.

Cards PDF

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Telestrations After Dark instructions

Telestrations After Dark is an entertaining party game that puts a risqué twist on the classic drawing and guessing game, Telestrations. Designed for adult audiences, this game adds a new level of hilarity to social gatherings, making it an ideal choice for game nights and parties.

Objective: The primary goal of Telestrations After Dark is to combine drawing skills with creative interpretation, resulting in humorous and often unpredictable outcomes. The game is played in rounds, with players attempting to convey a specific word or phrase through drawings while others try to guess the original concept.

Components: Telestrations After Dark typically includes sketchbooks, markers, and cards containing suggestive words or phrases. Each player has a sketchbook and a marker, and the cards are used to determine the secret word or phrase for each round.


  1. Setup: Players sit in a circle, and each person receives a sketchbook, a marker, and a set of word cards.
  2. Word Selection: At the beginning of each round, players choose a card with a word or phrase in secret. This will be the concept they convey through drawings.
  3. Drawing Phase: Using their markers, players illustrate the chosen word or phrase on the first page of their sketchbook. Timing is crucial, as everyone has a limited amount of time to draw.
  4. Passing and Guessing: After completing their drawing, players pass their sketchbook to the person on their left. The next player looks at the drawing and writes down their guess on the next page. The sketchbook is then passed again, alternating between drawing and guessing until it returns to the original artist.
  5. Revelation: Players share their sketchbooks, and the group laughs at the often amusing and misinterpreted drawings and guesses.

Scoring: Telestrations After Dark is more about enjoyment than competition, but players can choose to award points for correct guesses and creative drawings if they want to add a competitive element.

Adult Party Game

Telestrations After Dark is a popular adult party game that adds a spicy and humorous twist to the classic drawing and guessing formula.


Game TypeDrawing and Guessing
Target AudienceAdults (18+)
Players4-8 or more
ObjectiveCombine drawing and guessing skills to convey phrases in a hilarious manner
ComponentsSketchbooks, markers, cards with phrases, timer
Gameplay Duration30-60 minutes

How to Play:

  1. Players start with a sketchbook, marker, and a secret phrase card.
  2. The game consists of several rounds, each divided into two phases: drawing and guessing.
  3. In the drawing phase, players illustrate the given phrase in their sketchbook.
  4. After a set time, everyone passes their sketchbook to the next player, who then guesses the phrase based on the drawing.
  5. This process continues until everyone has contributed to each sketchbook.
  6. The hilarity ensues when players compare the initial phrase with the final drawings and guesses.

Key Features:

  1. Adult Content: Telestrations After Dark introduces adult-themed phrases, ensuring a more mature and often risqué gaming experience.
  2. Laugh-Out-Loud Moments: The game is designed to create amusing misinterpretations and unexpected twists, leading to uproarious laughter.
  3. Social Interaction: Ideal for breaking the ice or livening up a party, the game encourages communication and camaraderie among players.
  4. Replayability: With a vast collection of phrase cards and the unpredictable nature of the game, Telestrations After Dark offers endless replayability.

Telestrations After Dark Expansion Pack

Telestrations After Dark Expansion Pack is a captivating addition to the popular Telestrations game series, designed to elevate the entertainment value for adult audiences. This expansion pack brings a new dimension of hilarity to the classic drawing and guessing game, offering a perfect blend of creativity and laughter for a memorable gaming experience.

  1. Mature Themes: The After Dark Expansion Pack introduces a range of risqué and mature themes, pushing the boundaries of creativity and humor. It’s tailored for adult players who appreciate a bit of cheeky fun in their game night.
  2. New Content: With a fresh set of word prompts and scenarios, the expansion pack ensures that players will encounter entirely new and unexpected twists during each round. This keeps the game exciting and unpredictable, even for those familiar with the original Telestrations.
  3. Enhanced Creativity: The expansion pack encourages players to unleash their creativity by combining everyday scenarios with adult humor. It’s an opportunity to witness the wild and imaginative interpretations of your friends as they attempt to convey these humorous concepts through drawings and guesses.
  4. Extended Gameplay: Telestrations After Dark Expansion Pack seamlessly integrates with the base game, allowing for extended gameplay and increased replay value. The new content ensures that players can enjoy countless rounds without the fear of repetition.
  5. Perfect for Social Gatherings: Tailored for adult social settings, this expansion pack is an ideal choice for parties, game nights, or any occasion where a group of friends wants to share some laughs. It’s a fantastic icebreaker and conversation starter.

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