How To Make a Healer in Pixelmon: Recipe


In the world of Pixelmon, mastering the art of healing is crucial for trainers looking to keep their Pokémon in top condition. To create a successful healer in Pixelmon, trainers need to first gather the necessary materials, such as aluminum plates, diamonds, and glowstone dust. Once the materials are collected, trainers can craft a Healing Table using a crafting table and the gathered items. This Healing Table allows trainers to conveniently heal their Pokémon without needing to visit a Pokémon Center. Mastering the creation and use of a healer is essential for any Pixelmon trainer looking to succeed in their journey.

Pixelmon Healer

Pixelmon Healer is an essential item in the world of Minecraft, specifically in the Pixelmon mod, which combines the gameplay of both Minecraft and Pokémon. The Pixelmon Healer is used to heal Pokémon, just like the Pokémon Center in the original Pokémon games.

To use the Pixelmon Healer, players simply need to right-click on it, which will trigger a healing animation for all the Pokémon in their party. This is particularly useful after battles or when Pokémon are low on health.

The Pixelmon Healer adds an extra layer of depth to the Pixelmon mod, making it more immersive and reminiscent of the original Pokémon games. It encourages players to explore and train their Pokémon, just like in the Pokémon games, while also adding a new element to the Minecraft experience.

How To Craft a Healer in Pixelmon

A healer in Pixelmon is a crucial item used to heal your Pokémon. To craft a healer, you’ll need the following materials:

Aluminum Plate3
Iron Ingot4
Redstone Lamp1
Glass Pane1
Green Apricorn1
Yellow Apricorn1
Blue Apricorn1

Steps to Craft a Healer:

  1. Craft Aluminum Plates:
    • Smelt Aluminum Ingots in a furnace to create Aluminum Plates.
  2. Craft the Diamond Hammer:
    • Craft a Diamond Hammer using two sticks and three diamonds.
  3. Craft the Machine Base:
    • Arrange three Aluminum Plates and four Iron Ingots in a “H” shape in the crafting table.
    • Place the Diamond Hammer in the center slot to craft the Machine Base.
  4. Craft the Healing Table:
    • Place a Redstone Lamp in the center slot, Glass Pane in the bottom-middle slot, and Machine Base in the top-middle slot.
    • Fill the remaining slots with the Apricorns (Green, Yellow, and Blue).
  5. Craft the Healer:
    • Once the Healing Table is crafted, right-click it with a Hammer to turn it into a Healer.
  6. Use the Healer:
    • Right-click the Healer to heal your Pokémon.


  • You can find Apricorns by exploring and breaking Apricorn Trees in Pixelmon.
  • Make sure to have enough Apricorns and materials before crafting the healer.

Now, you’re ready to craft your healer and keep your Pokémon healthy and ready for battle in Pixelmon!

Pixelmon Healer Recipe

In Pixelmon, the healer is a crucial item used to heal your Pokémon. To craft a healer, you’ll need the following materials:

  • 3 aluminum plates: Made from smelting aluminum ingots in a furnace.
  • 4 iron ingots: Obtained by smelting iron ore in a furnace.
  • 1 diamond: Found deep underground or by trading with villagers.

Once you have these materials, place them in a crafting table in the following pattern:

  • Aluminum Plate, Aluminum Plate, Aluminum Plate
  • Iron Ingot, Diamond, Iron Ingot
  • Iron Ingot, Iron Ingot, Iron Ingot

This recipe will yield one Pixelmon healer, which you can use to heal your Pokémon in Pixelmon.

Crafting a Healer in Pixelmon

In Pixelmon, a Healer is an essential item used to heal your Pokémon. To craft a Healer, you will need the following materials:

Aluminum Plate3
Glass Pane1
Redstone Lamp1
Machine Base1

Here’s how you can craft a Healer:

  1. Crafting the Machine Base:
    • To create a Machine Base, place three Aluminum Plates in the top row of a crafting table, and one Glass Pane in the center. Fill the bottom row with three Aluminum Plates.
  2. Crafting the Healer:
    • Place the Machine Base in the center of the crafting table.
    • Put a Diamond above the Machine Base.
    • Put a Redstone Lamp to the left of the Machine Base.
    • Finally, place a PC to the right of the Machine Base.
  3. Completing the Healer:
    • Once all the materials are placed correctly in the crafting table, you will see the Healer appear in the result box.
    • Simply click on the Healer to add it to your inventory.
  4. Using the Healer:
    • To use the Healer, right-click on it while holding it in your hand. This will open the healing interface.
    • Place your injured Pokémon into the Healer, and they will be healed automatically.

Crafting a Healer is essential for any Pixelmon trainer, as it allows you to keep your Pokémon in top condition during your adventures.

Pixelmon Healer Crafting Recipe

Pixelmon Healer crafting recipe is an essential component in the popular Minecraft mod, Pixelmon, which adds Pokémon into the game. The Pixelmon Healer is a crucial item used to heal your Pokémon, similar to a Pokémon Center in the original Pokémon games. To craft a Pixelmon Healer, you’ll need the following materials:

  1. Aluminum Plates (x4): Aluminum plates are crafted from aluminum ingots. To get aluminum ingots, you need to smelt Bauxite Ore, which can be found in the world.
  2. Diamond (x1): Diamonds are rare and valuable items in Minecraft. You can find diamonds deep underground, usually around levels 5-12.
  3. Glass Panes (x4): Glass panes are made by placing six blocks of glass in a horizontal pattern in a crafting table.

Once you have gathered these materials, you can craft the Pixelmon Healer by placing them in a crafting table in the following pattern:

  • Top row: Aluminum Plate, Diamond, Aluminum Plate
  • Middle row: Glass Pane, Glass Pane, Glass Pane
  • Bottom row: Aluminum Plate, Redstone Lamp, Aluminum Plate

Crafting the Pixelmon Healer will allow you to heal your Pokémon whenever they are injured, making it an essential item for any Pixelmon trainer.

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